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Health & Wellness Simplified

Inspiring Healthier Lives by Making Wellness Easier through More Convenient & Familiar Health & Wellness Innovation

Active Nutrition

Protein & Meal Replacement

Proactive Health & Wellness

Active Nutrition

Protein Powder without the Bulky Canister

Proactive Health & Wellness

Making Your Favorite Coffeehouse
Beverages a Bit Healthier

Over-the-Counter Medicine

Cough & Cold Relief at the Touch of a Button

Wellnova: Health & Wellness Simplified

We understand the difficulties of living a healthier life.

However, we at Wellnova struggle to understand why certain health and wellness solutions fail to adapt with the demands of today’s lifestyles – most notably within active nutrition, vitamins, and over-the-counter medicine.

We want to simplify active nutrition, vitamins, and over-the-counter medicine through modern, more convenient & familiar health and wellness solutions.

Our mission is to Inspire Healthier Lives by Making Wellness Easier.


Discover More About Wellnova

Café Complete


Café Complete

Your Favorite Coffeehouse Beverage, Just a Bit Healthier

For a complete experience, try Café Complete™ protein packets. Café Complete was designed to dissolve quickly and completely within your favorite coffeehouse beverages without altering the taste or appearance. Get Your Day Started the Right Way with Café Complete.

Foundation Fitness


Foundation Fitness™

Ditch Your Protein Canister

Say goodbye to the big bulky protein canister and the annoying scooper buried at the bottom of the canister. Say hello to a more enjoyable protein powder experience with new Foundation Fitness Whey Protein Packets.




Protein Powder Designed with Women in Mind

One-size doesn’t fit all and neither should your protein powder. That’s why we developed NutraMiss™ portable, on-the-go protein powders designed for a woman’s lifestyle.

Brew Relief



Cough & Cold Relief at the Touch of a Button

Sick of Swallowing Pills with a Store Throat or the Unpleasant Taste of Cough Syrup? Try BrewRelief™ – a more comfortable and easier to consume cough and cold solution that works with your Single Serve Cup Brewer. The simplicity of one-button relief with BrewRelief.

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