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Simplifying Health & Wellness

Born as a Passion for Innovation

Wellnova was born from an innovation planning session at a small regional coffee company.  Passionate about innovation, we started to think about our next line of products. It was 2015, healthcare costs were rising exponentially, consumers were embracing a renewed focus on health and wellness, and massive shifts in demographics were going to require new and improved health and wellness solutions. Each team member arrived at the same conclusion – we needed to be in the health and wellness space.


Transformed into an Uncompromising Mission to Simplify Health & Wellness

After weeks of researching and evaluating our frustrations within the health and wellness space, we identified three categories with limited innovation and massive amounts of frustration beyond our own – Vitamins, Active Nutrition, and Over-the-Counter Medicine.  For example, only 10% of American’s Consume the RDAs of Key Vitamins & Minerals.  90% of protein powders are in a canister format; however, most protein is consumed on-the-go.  Lastly, 40% of consumers struggle swallowing pills; however, most solutions are in a pill format.  It was after our research that we realized it was our mission to simplify health and wellness for all consumers. 

Using Our Roots in Coffee as a Roadmap

After months of product development and dozens of team meetings, we all had different ideas about how to simplify Health and Wellness.  In fact, the only thing we could agree at the time was that coffee was a must for each meeting.  It was then that someone in the room said, “I wish being health was easy as drinking coffee…”.  From that point on, we used our knowledge in the coffee category as our roadmap to simplify health and wellness.  Several of the products that you see today are an extension of our coffee roots:  single serve convenience, proactive health solutions that dissolve in your coffee, and the single serve platform as a delivery system rather than a coffee brewer.


Our promise is to…inspire healthier lives by making wellness easier…

through modern, more convenient, & familiar health & wellness innovation


Enabling & Inspiring Healthier Lives 


Simplifying Health & Wellness


Inspiring Healthier Lives by Making Wellness Easier through Modern, More Convenient, & Familiar Health & Wellness Innovation

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